Dementia: A good, safe, and dignified life with welfare technology

Come and hear about welfare technology and dementia! It’s free to join – but you must register before 9 September. I wish that I could attend, but unfortunately will be busy that day. If you are attending, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Dementia:  A good, safe, and dignified life with welfare technology 

Come to Welfare Tech’s themed event on dementia. We set the focus on welfare technology solutions that create a good, safe, and dignified life for people with dementia. The events of the day will address the needs of both the person with dementia, the relatives as carers, and present the solutions available on the market.

Center Building, Syddansk Research Park

Forskerparken 10
5230 Odense M
Start: 09/17/2015 | pm. 09:30
End: 09/17/2015 | pm. 15:00

Today, there is a major political focus on dementia. At both national and local government levels, it is high on the political agenda to prioritize better conditions for people with dementia, better training of nursing staff, as well as better support for the relatives. The prevalence of welfare technology is one of the major issues in the debate. Therefore, Welfare Tech and Patient@Home invite all those with an interest in dementia to an inspiration day about dementia. The day offers professional presentations and a welfare technological marketplace where you can view existing technologies and services targeted towards dementia.

The focal point of the day is welfare technology solutions that improve the daily lives of people affected by dementia. Here the thinking is meant to be broad. The presented issues and solutions relate to people with dementia, their relatives, and professionals who experience challenges in their daily environments. As a participant, you will get inspiration and presented solutions targeted to improve the living conditions, increase self-awareness and independence for people with dementia, as well as technologies and services that can create security and calmness for people with dementia, their families, and care professionals.

Marketplace exhitibions

Members of Welfare Tech are free to exhibit and present products in the area of dementia in the day’s marketplace. Exhibition stands are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis, with registrations no later than 9 September, 2015. Contact the network manager Krista Ebsen Blaabjerg, Welfare Tech, T. 45 3139 7892, for further information and registration.


The theme day is aimed at public and private stakeholders, including municipalities, regions, professional organizations, research institutions, and businesses.


Inspiration Presentations and “marketplace”

09:30 Arrival and coffee

10:00 Therefore dementia an important theme for Welfare Tech cluster. With Christian Graversen, Managing Director, Welfare Tech

10:10 Consequences of dementia
Hear the impact dementia has for the cognitive functions of as dementia progresses through different phases. Stay up to date on the needs of welfare technology and assistive devices for people with dementia, their carers, and professionals and hear the latest research perspectives on prevention, maintenance of cognitive function, and cognitive rehabilitation. With Rikke Gregersen, professor, MSc, PhD in neurobiology, VIA Aging and Dementia Center for Research VIA, VIA University College

10:40 Lessons from the implementation of Easy Communication for citizens with dementia living at home
Hear about the implementation of a digital tool that enhances the self-help of citizens with dementia. The paper is based on Easy Communication, which is a digital communication, structural, and memory aid for people with cognitive difficulties. The tool is designed and developed by Tele Call in collaboration with health professionals and the Center for Communication and Welfare Technology (CKV) in the Region of Southern Denmark. With Ragnhild Engen, Center for Communication and Welfare Technology, Region of Southern Denmark

11:00 Break

11:20 Marketplace – Part 1
Participants are guided around to the exhibiting companies in the “marketplace.” You have the opportunity to hear, see, and try what they offer, and, as a public actor, you can make them wiser to the needs of the immediate health and be invited into further cooperation. The participating member companies range widely from software to hardware manufacturers. The displayed products and solutions in the categories of:

Communication tools (such as apps and robots)
Digital tools for play and learning
Digital tools for structure in everyday life
Digital tools for reminiscence and identity
Gravity Quilts, massage chairs, etc. for sensory stimulation
Medicine Solutions
Security and Creative Alerts for unpredictable behavior

12:10 Lunch

12:50 Marketplace – Part 2

Participants continue their guided tour around to the exhibiting companies in the “marketplace.”

13:40 Networking Break – Meet the presenters

14:00 Which priorities are there on dementia in one of the largest municipalities?
Under the heading ‘Room for Relations,’ Aarhus municipality is working to provide security and quality of life for people with dementia. The focus is on creating a physical space at the care centers and communication platforms that provide an overview and give security for citizens with dementia, their families, and professionals. See practical examples of how welfare technology can create value in the various stages of dementia. With Birgitte Halle, coordinator and project manager, Center for Freedom Technology, Aarhus Municipality

14.20 What technologies are coming into dementia environments on the Danish care centers?
A wide range of technologies has been tested in dementia environments in the past few years, and many more are on the way. Hear what technologies are involved, and what they can do in relation to the various target groups. Hear experiences from implementing welfare technology for the management of dementia, so that both people with dementia, the professionals in working environments, and municipal economy will have positive outcome. With Lone Gaedt, physiotherapist, M.Ed., Senior Consultant, Welfare and Interaction Technology, Institute of Technology

14:50 Conclusion of the day


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