I come from a small town called Wakonda, South Dakota. In my hometown of about 350 people, everyone knows everyone else. It is the kind of town where people take care of one another, bring dinners to neighbors after they’ve been in the hospital, and may pay for services in the form of pie. With two of my grandparents and my mother working at the local nursing home, I spent a significant portion of my youth there as well. This is where I made some of my first friends, learned that I had an affection for older adults, and realized I felt drawn to care for others. My upbringing has had a tremendous influence on defining my personal and professional values.

Since then, I went on to study my BA in Psychology, BA in Human Services, MSc in Applied Gerontology, and my PhD in Electronic Systems (Technology and Quality of Life in Dementia Care). My handsome husband and I moved from Dallas, Texas to Denmark in 2005, where we have lived in Aalborg for 9 years and now in Copenhagen. I am inspired by the future and what it could be, and I like to get others excited about the future as well. I try to embrace the Carrie-ness that makes me unique and I really enjoy getting to know the unique qualities of other people.

I started this website as a personal outlet to focus on the positive aspects of dementia. There is enough information on the internet about losses and difficulties. And, while these do occur, I feel it’s important to highlight abilities and to not lose our sense of adventure in life.

Please note:  your comments will be modified, this is to ensure that as accurate and helpful information as possible is shared. The primary purpose of this blog is to share information on living with dementia, particularly in regards to activities and staying involved in society.

I do not give medical advice:  First of all, I am not a medical doctor. Second, it is quite difficult to give informed and accurate advice without a closer look at a situation, which is often going to be individualized to the particular person. The information and other content on this blog is for general information, education, and entertainment and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. You are advised to consult a geriatric care manager or professional health care provider regarding any health or medical condition, prevention, or treatment you are seeking personalized advice for. I can do my best to connect you with these resources if you need assistance.

Letting my inner Carrie out to play

Letting my inner Carrie out to play. Malta, 2014.


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