Technology: Idify for reminiscence

Idify is a Danish company that has developed a reminiscence platform to be used by people with dementia. They hope to bring their product to the American market as well. You can check out their website for more information, give it a test run, or to purchase the service.

Jeg har også skrivet om Idify på dansk, du kan læse mit indlæg her.

What is Idify?

Idify’s concept is based on “reminiscence,” and the research that shows reminiscence therapy and memory activation can increase the quality of life for people with dementia. The system is an online platform that you use through your tablet or computer. You can use multimedia, including text, images, audio, and video to create a virtual life-story. Idify works on Apple, Android, and Windows operating systems.

Who is Idify for?

Idify is for individuals with dementia and their families. The goal is to create a reminiscence platform that is relevant to the individual’s personal history and preferences and to stimulate communication between individuals with dementia and others.

Idify is currently running in Danish, in Denmark. The application has also been released in English (available only in Europe as of 2014), and a German version is under development.

How was Idify developed?

Their website seems to highlight this information, so we can gather that this is quite important to their development.

Idify has been developed in close dialogue with the foremost Dementia specialists in Denmark, one of the leading nations in knowledge building on Dementia care. Idify is based on extensive international experience and knowledge. Dementia researchers, managers in dementia practice, and physicians contribute in different ways to the development and functionality of Idify. Idify is developed in a cooperation with Dementia Center Aarhus, Denmark, Health and Assisted Living Technologies, Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark.

What does Idify cost?

First, you will need a tablet or computer and an internet connection. Idify does not provide those. As far as paying for Idify services, you pay a monthly fee. Unfortunately, I cannot find a specific price for the monthly fee on their website.

Why the name “Idify?”

I looked into this because I am not a hug fan of the name. In English, it kind of sounds like making someone an idiot (ih-de-fy… sounds a bit like idio-fy). In Danish, it would be pronounced more like ee-da-fy and has more connotation with individuality, but I believe it is pronounced more like eye-defy. Lucikly, on their webiste, they clarify the naming of the brand. They also spend some time to describe the making and meaning of their logo.

The word Idify is referring to various concepts and terms:

“I define” because Idify helps preserve that which defines one’s Self.

“I defy” (I will not give up) because Idify helps to defy progression and consequences of Dementia.

In addition, the ending “… ify” in English linguistic has become synonymous with something ongoing, something developing.

You can watch a short video from Idify, where they describe the concept and service more (in English, with the lovely Danish accent!)


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