New Study Finds Alzheimer’s Disease Composed of Three Distinct Subtypes

This information comes to us from Accelerate Cure/Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease out of Washington, DC in USA. The information is based on a 2015 research article in the journal Aging. The importance of this article lies in the distinction between three subtypes of Alzheimer’s disease, which has implications for understanding the cause and treatment of the types.

New Study Finds Alzheimer’s Disease Composed of Three Distinct Subtypes

A study from UCLA has found that Alzheimer’s disease, which has long been considered as one disease, may actually consist of three distinct subtypes: inflammatory, non-inflammatory, and cortical. In fact, the cortical subtype may be a different condition than the other two.

The journal article in Aging offers the entire article text with free access but may be a bit heavy to read if you are not used to reading academic research. The UCLA news page provides a news article on the research that may be easier to read.