Danes love assisted living technologies

Experiencing technologies as part of everyday life breaks down prejudice and misconceptions!

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According to a new survey from the European Commission, Danes are the most positive and open-minded towards robots and robotic aids in Europe.

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Film review! “Robot & Frank”

In early 2014, I saw a film called “Robot & Frank.” I think I found it browsing through a robotics website. I know just a little about robotics, but am VERY interested 🙂 I was impressed with the film, and have recommended it to many of my friends already.

Technologies help with dementia

Digital Journal has written an op-ed article citing one of my research articles!! You can access my 2012 article, “The future of assistive technology for dementia” as an open-source article through the journal Gerontechnology. You can also read the original op-ed by digitaljournal.com.

Op-Ed: Technology helps families cope with challenges of dementia

By Kimberly Reynolds     Feb 17, 2014 in Technology

The challenges of dementia and other age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease are difficult on the patient, family and caregivers alike. Technology eases the burden.

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