Opinions from Japan’s Aging Population

This information comes to us from The Wall Street Journal. It’s a summary of the Japanese government’s report on their aging population and the issues they face. To read more of my posts on Japan, check out this post on iPads and Custom Apps for the Elderly in Japan  or this post on The Rise of Aging-Friendly Stores. 

Fear of Dying Alone: The State of Japan’s Aging Population

June 16, 2015 By JUN HONGO

Elderly people wait for a bus in Tokyo.

Bloomberg News

The Japanese government released its annual report on Japan’s aging population which illustrates the state of the country’s elderly and the issues they face. As of October 2014, 26% of Japan’s population was aged 65 years old or over, making it the world’s fastest aging nation. That percentage is expected to increase to 40% by 2060.

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