BBC launches conversation tools for people with dementia

The BBC is launching a range of new online tools to mark Dementia Awareness weeks around the UK.

The tools – ‘RemArc’ and ‘Your Memories’ – have been developed by the BBC to help trigger conversations and memories amongst those living with dementia.  They will continue to be accessible to audiences, including those living with dementia and brain injury and their carers, in the future. Alongside this the BBC has produced two special online iWonder guides and a large range of associated programming on the subject of dementia.

Source: BBC launch new online tools to help people living with dementia as part of special season

All the resources and associated programming is available at There are a lot of interesting stories and resources here – check them out!


Five tips on how to talk to kids about dementia

This informative article comes from a website called The Conversation. It’s a great piece that summarizes how to talk to kids about dementia. How do they know how to talk to kids about dementia? I’m glad you asked 🙂

The author is Jess Baker, PhD, is a lecturer in psychiatry at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. She was inspired by Alzheimer’s Australia’s national survey on dementia awareness that was published in September, 2014, and the result that dementia reported low awareness and understanding about dementia. She noticed that children’s attitudes and awareness about dementia have never been measured in Australia.

She decided to make some focus group studies and interviewed over 40 children. She also showed them short clips of people with dementia and asked them what they thought. These videos are part of a UNSW project that is taking action to create a more dementia-friendly society by educating the next generation, since breaking down stigma starts with education. One of the goals of the project is to use the information from the focus groups to create an online education program that fits in with Australia’s education program.

So, interested to know what she found?

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