Six truths for successful startups addressing adult care opportunities

Six truths for successful startups tackling the older adult care opportunity

Here are six top things for an entrepreneur to consider to create a successful business when building an older adult care product, service or experience.

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Remote Support for Aged People Project

The RemoAge project will tackle the challenge of supporting people with dementia and other frail older people to age at home in remote and sparsely populated areas of the northern periphery of Europe. Long distances and limited resources are two challenges to overcome.

Tested and evaluated service packages will meet this challenge. The service packages will include methods to support the elderly with health and social care needs, flexibility to individual needs and an increased level of remote support.

Expected results are improved access to personalized services in direct support in daily life, support to family carers and health personnel, but also increased involvement of the community.

Target groups:

– Frail older people, including people with dementia, in remote communities

– Family carers and family members of the frail older people

– Community members

– Health and social care professionals

The target groups will be involved throughout the project in a participatory process from the identification of needs, the adaptation of services and the evaluation of services. A main focus of the project is to develop and implement person centred services that are by definition services adapted to the individual needs of the frail older person and their family.

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Six Lessons Learned From Being A Starbucks Barista

This article comes to us from Senior Housing Forum. My friend, Ali Shivji (who is interviewed in this article) passed this on to me. I first came in contact with Ali several months ago over our mutual work in long-term care. He told me about how he had secured a job at Starbucks in order to learn more about customer service and how their model could be applied to aged care. I don’t know of any other senior executives who would take the early morning shift for minimum wage in order to be better at their profession. Forward-thinking guy!

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