Dementia and dangerous drugs


…antipsychotic medication given to elderly people with dementia it should be at the lowest possible dose for the shortest possible time and always after all other avenues have been tried and have failed.

A poignant and important article on the use of antipsychotic medications in treating people with dementia – please read and share!

let’s get dead right about dementia and dangerous drugs



5 thoughts on “Dementia and dangerous drugs

  1. As for the Alzheimer Society in my experience with them it’s just another bureaucratic institution only interested in milking money from donors. If someone would come out with the definite cure for Alzheimer and dementia do you think that they would be happy? Of course not because the bosses would loose their well paid jobs.


  2. I avoid medicines if I can and if I can’t I take the lowest possible dose. The problem with medicines is that the pharmaceutical industry is a mega business and one never knows whether one really needs a certain medicine or not. Moreover all medicines have side effects that one has too deal with on top of the condition that one has. Not my cup of tea.

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      • With medicines like in everything the simpler the better. This is my philosophy and lifestyle. I only take medicines when nothing else works and always the minimum dose. Anyway jumping to another topic I may start in the new year to offer sessions of my method for dealing with Alzheimer and related conditions to people in care or retirement homes. At least this is my intention. Best wishes for a happy Christmas and a great 2017 Piero

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