Visiting babies in Danish care homes

Now the Copenhagen care home residents begin to rejoice. The City of Copenhagen follows the lead of the city of Aarhus and introduces the successful “visit baby scheme” in care homes. 

Read the full article (in Danish) here:  Visiting Babies introduced in Copenhagen care homes

Scheme for baby visits to the care home in Aarhus has emerged as a ‘resounding success’

Babyglæde. Ældre Sagen mener, at ordning med besøgsbabyer er »en rigtig god idé«. Aarhus Kommune indførte ordningen for et år siden, og nu kommer Københavns Kommune efter. Ældre Sagen ser gerne, at endnu flere kommuner følger trop. - Foto: Miriam Dalsgaard (arkiv)

Baby Joy! DaneAge believes that the system of visiting babies is “a great idea.” Aarhus Municipality introduced the system a year ago, and now more municipalities will follow suit. Photo Miriam Dalsgaard

There is just something that happens when a baby visits the care home. It creates joy that parents come by with a little optimistic miracle that the elderly may be allowed to hold and interact with.

This is what has happened in Aarhus, and why the municipality started introducing the initiative in all of their care homes a year ago. Aarhus calls the initiative ‘visiting babies’. And the system has emerged as something of a success.

Now follow the City of Copenhagen follows.




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