eHealth Week 2016!

I arrived in Amsterdam this morning for eHealth Week 2016!! Super excited to be here with others interested in eHealth and to enjoy amazing Amsterdam!



I gave a short presentation today at the US Consulate General on some of the opportunities in eHealth development which we found in the European eHealth report From Innovation to Implementation – eHealth in the WHO European Region. It was a fun crowd of about 20 and rather informal. Not my best presentation, unfortunately, but not too bad, either. It’s sometimes hard to summarize statistics in a way that reveals opportunities and also keeping the presentation fun and easy to grasp. I think I partially accomplished this today 🙂

The rest of the week, I will be joining all kinds of interesting sessions – primarily focused on my work in eHealth & Innovation, but there are a few focused on aging and one or two on dementia which I will be able to attend. I am pretty lucky to have a supervisor who encourages my other interests in eHealth!

I will be posting more on the sessions and hopefully a few fun pictures during the week!




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