Rising from the rubble: Nepal earthquake one year on

You may recall my previous posts on Aging and Emergencies or Disasters or on Combating Ageism in Disaster Relief, which specifically talked about the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. This article form HelpAge International provides an update on the aid and continued situation for older adults one year after the earthquake.

At 11.56am local time, one year ago today, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. Nearly 9,000 people were killed by the tremors, with more than 22,000 left injured. Whole villages were flattened and some 605,000 homes were left destroyed.

As is the case in most humanitarian disasters, older people were disproportionately affected. Despite making up just 8.1% of the population, individuals aged over 60 comprised 28.9% of those killed as a result of the earthquake, according to Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

Read the full article at: Rising from the rubble: Nepal earthquake one year on | HelpAge International


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