Dementia and the great outdoors

The great outdoors: why should you help someone with dementia to go outside?

If a loved one is diagnosed with dementia your instinct will probably be to protect them and keep them safe. Going out might start to feel daunting and stressful. Isn’t it better that they stay at home where you can keep a careful watch? Well no, actually, it isn’t.

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2 thoughts on “Dementia and the great outdoors

  1. Great advice. When a person gets so used to their four walls with little change, I think they can become desensitized to being aware of their surroundings. Getting a person outdoors, even just to sit for a while, gives them a range of new sights, sounds, scents, and experiences to pay attention to.

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    • Getting outdoors is good for anyone – no one wants to be inside all the time 🙂 Just be aware that the sights, sounds, scents, etc. are stimulating for the brain and can also tire a person quickly – plan for breaks!


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