CHAIN: Information network on dementia

This information comes from Alzheimer’s Society in the UK.

CHAIN – Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network

CHAIN is a multi-professional mutual support network of almost 14,000 research-literate people working in the NHS family of organisations, and others with a stake in researching and improving peoples’ health in the UK and beyond. We’re co-facilitating the CHAIN Dementia sub-group, and are inviting colleagues to join. Membership is free and members can use the group as a sounding board for ideas, share good practice and information about the latest resources and events available.
To join CHAIN please visit:


One thought on “CHAIN: Information network on dementia

  1. Rubbish! I’ve tried to contact the UK Alzheimer society several times telling them that I had developed a way to help to prevent Alzheimer and dementia and they never replied to me. The first email was received by an employee who was very enthusiastic and told me that he would forward my email to all the offices of the society in the UK but they never replied. I’ve tried to contact many charities in the past with the same result. I’ve a friend that has worked as accountant in several charities. The pattern is always the same: people at the bottom of the ladder who work in charities often unpaid are very nice and concerned while those at the top care only about money. As a charity worker just told me yesterday the people at the top must receive their high salaries. Anyway my friend who worked in charities once told me that if one would go to, say a charity like the cancer research, and tell them that he has developed a cure for cancer they wouldn’t like to hear it or take it into consideration because they would loose their job and business. That is what charities are as the head of a big charity once told me: “businesses”. Anyway in spite that they never replied to me or showed interest in what I had to offer every month in my mail I receive a letter from the Alzheimer society, as I receive from other charities, with the usual word: “Please donate” that is a mantra of all charities that they repeat ‘ad nauseam’. They don’t know anything else. Go to their websites and it’s the same music: “Please donate”. How pathetic! Sorry about this harsh controversial comment but the name charities gets on my nerves because in my experience it equates to hypocrisy and greed.


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