Probing The Realities of Big Data In Alzheimer’s

This article comes from US Against Alzheimer’s, a US organization committed to stopping Alzheimer’s disease. This particular article talks about the uses of Big Data in Alzheimer’s research and some of the research projects doing just that.

Probing The Realities of Big Data In Alzheimer’s

Modern technology now makes it possible to collect so-called Big Data on entire populations, opening up new possibilities for AD research. Today, genetic, imaging and even sensor data can be collected on massive numbers of people with strong privacy and security protections. Unlike the traditional research approach that relies on one or a small number of labs’ work on data to publish a limited set of findings months or years later, big data allows a global network of researchers to gain access to each other and to citizen-generated data for collaborative and patient-focused research. The challenge before us is to mine all this data to unearth the clues to understand and then beat Alzheimer’s. And soon.

What barriers do we face in ushering in this new era of open science, and what advances are possible if researchers apply 21st century open science to the world’s broadest and best sources of Alzheimer’s data?

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