Helpful tech for family carers

This post is about some of the apps out there that are going to be useful and useable for family members and carers of someone with dementia. It’s certainly not a complete list of everything that’s out there, but a summary of the apps that have come across my radar lately.

If you have used an app or know of one you think should be included in this list, please let us know in the comments below – sharing is caring 🙂

Life in the Moment is a web- and app-based software platform for family of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease. The software has several different modules. Although there is vast amounts of information available online about the disease, there are no practical, scalable interventions that will help these families manage the care their loved ones will need. Life in the Moment is a technology platform that helps loved ones and their families:

  • MemoryMeals™ – a nutrition guide providing original brain-healthy recipes, dementia-specific nutrition guidelines, meal planning functionality with an auto-populated grocery list as well as weekly nutrition monitoring to ensure caregivers they are staying within recommended guidelines. MemoryMeals provides guidelines and grocery lists to cook meals that are thought to help  reduce or slow dementia and memory loss.
  • SeniorPartner™ – a legal planning tool that provides dementia-specific advice and downloadable documents so families can avoid costly missteps and unnecessary legal expenses. SeniorPartner is a legal planning tool.
  • HealthShare™ – a tool to facilitate better communications between family members and healthcare providers. Healthshare is a communication tool.
  • Recess™ – a networking device that enables caregivers and their loved ones to connect with other families combating Alzheimer’s and enjoy social functions in safe environments. Recess is a networking platform for families living with Alzheimer’s to connect with one another.
  • Manage their nutrition
  • Communicate with fellow caregivers and medical staff
  • Access legal and financial planning
  • Connect in social circles with other caregivers
  • Benefit from shared best practices of other caregivers around the world
  • And more!

AppScript™ is a mobile health, or mHealth, platform that classifies, evaluates, and ranks more than 100,000 healthcare apps (yes, there are that many!), enabling carers to recommend the most appropriate ones and even track app use by patients.

CarePredict™ Tempo™ learns the normal activities of your loved one. It tracks daily patterns and records them in a rhythm journal. If there’s ever a change, you get an alert to reach out and it’s easier to see the bigger picture and predict if issues need follow-up. Unlike other devices, CarePredict™ Tempo™ gets a sophisticated read on well-being by combining activity data and location. For example, lying down in the living room during the day might be a nap, but more time spent sleeping over a week may indicate something to be concerned about.

Their website states that they will be rolling out this service here in 2015, shipping worldwide. Tempo™ comes in a kit. The kit costs $169 for pre-order and shipping in the US is included. Tempo™ needs a monitoring service to be useful. The monitoring service costs $14.99 to $29.99 a month and there are no long term contracts and we offer savings if you pay for the full year.

This seems like a pretty darn cool service to me. Seriously, check out their webpage to read more about how it works and how it can work for you.

The affordable, easy-to-use BeClose home-monitoring system is a great way for you to stay in touch and know that you’ll notified if something is amiss. Discreet sensors are placed around the home to keep track of normal routines. BeClose works on the cellular network so there is no need to drill holes in walls, run wires through the house, or even have an internet connection. BeClose’s unique system of smart sensors notices when something is amiss – a prolonged absence from bed or a missed meal. A family member or carer gets notified by text, email or phone call when something is out of the ordinary. An emergency button is optional for added safety.

They offer solutions for people living independently in their own home, for family carers, and in professional care settings like care homes.

home monitoring
GreatCall is a US-based service that offers some great health and safety products and services. In particular, they have:
  • mobile phones that are simplified and easy to use for someone with reduced vision or who has cognitive problems
  • mobile, waterproof emergency help alert with GPS
  • apps to stay connected, get advice, track medications, and contact help
  • and other health, safety, lifestyle, and carer tools
Each GreatCall device is compatible with GreatCall Link, an innovative app that friends or family members download on their smartphone to stay connected to you. They’ll receive notifications in the event you’ve contacted our Medical Alert Agents and can see that you’ve reached your destination safely, whether your device is on or off and if it’s charged. Link provides reassurance to caregivers that family members are safe and well, while empowering those family members to live more independent lives.

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