Webinar on bridging the dementia divide

I am currently enrolled in an online course on Bridging the Dementia Divide from the University of Derby. I have not completed the course yet, so my review is yet to come. But, I did want to share some exciting news. I was invited by one of the course organizers to participate in the weekly summary webinar as a dementia expert! One of the questions during the week’s assignments was on the National Dementia Strategy in your country, and I gave the link to my blog post where I had translated and discussed Denmark’s National Strategy. The organizers read my response and checked out my blog and were interested in this Doctor Dementia 😉

The focus of last week’s course was on global perspectives in dementia, so they thought it would be good to have someone outside the UK participating in the webinar. It was a fairly casual webinar, mostly to summarize that week’s course content and to answer some of the questions that were posted during the week. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed the webinar! I liked the discussion, the Q&A, it all was a lot of fun for me! And this was my FIRST webinar that I have participated in on the panel, so it was all around a wonderful experience.

I have attached the video here for your viewing pleasure 🙂


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