Young people in Aged Care

A great article on addressing younger people requiring skilled nursing care, and the issue of younger adults living in nursing homes.

aged care for young peopleThis is an important topic for people with younger onset dementia, and worth reading. We will all need to work together to achieve a more age appropriate level of residential care, if it is every to happen across Australia and the world.

It is, totally unacceptable that anyone under the age of 65, needs to live in Aged care. We would not place children or babies, or even 40-year-old patients in the geriatric ward of a hospital, and it is not ok to do this in residential care either…

Support group for young people living in nursing homes wants Federal Government to get them out of aged care sector

By Margaret Paul, ABC News

A support group for young people who live in nursing homes has called on the Federal Government to bring departments together to get young people out of the aged care sector.

A Senate inquiry into young people in nursing homes…

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