Don’t exclude people with dementia!

Part of the dementia adventure… is actually being able to DO things! I very much agree with this blog post and think there is plenty more we can do to support people with dementia in teaching us about the syndrome!

WebI was in Sydney last week for the HammondCare RiskyBusiness2 conference, and on Friday I co-presented with the vice chair of the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Advisory Committee (AADAC) about the set up and activities of that committee. My other presentation was on models of care and ways of keeping people with younger onset dementia employed. If I have the energy, I’ll definitely write a more fully reflective blog about the conference at the end in a few days, but as I’ve not even done that for ADI yet, the chance is a little slim! I do however, have a few thoughts and comments to share.

My initial issue with conference is that it was themed, “This time it’s personal”. I am not able to see how it can it be personal for everyone, if they don’t have anyone with dementia as an invited key-note speaker, if it doesn’t treat…

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