Recognizing early symptoms of dementia

This wonderful and comprehensive post comes to us from It’s not only about recognizing early signs and symptoms of dementia but also how a diagnosis is made. Great info!

By the way, I made another great post (if I do say so myself 😉 ) on how changes in executive functioning are some of the earliest symptoms of cognitive changes – there is a lot about dementia that doesn’t have to do with memory at all! Check it out here:  Dementia is not only about memory. I also have another post on the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia, which might be helpful as well.

Recognizing Alzheimer’s Disease,Early Warning Signs For Dementia

Why early detection can be difficult

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Calming people with dementia without medications

I came across this article on, a great source of information and advice for those 50+. Check them out, there’s lots to find on activity ideas, financial issues, working and volunteering, staying healthy, and much more.

Calming Dementia Patients Without Powerful Drugs:

Nursing homes can do better than medicating residents into a stupor

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