LGBTQ people with dementia should not be forced back into the closet

This article comes to us yet again from the UK-based source, The Guardian.

There are 1.2 million older lesbian and gay people in the UK, yet they are an invisible population

older gay couples

Social care services tend to assume that older service users are heterosexual. Photograph: David Poller/Zuma Press/Corbis

A colleague recently told me about two older male residents in a care home where she once worked. Staff initially supported the burgeoning friendship between the pair, who both had dementia. However, when it became obvious the men were attracted to each other and might develop a relationship, support workers stopped seating them together and threatened to tell relatives. Continue reading


Technology and activities for people with dementia

Using ICT in activities for people with dementia

A short guide for social care providers

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has made a great page to introduce technology-supported activities for someone with dementia. It covers a wide range of topics, like how technologies can be used or help, how to start, ideas for activities, examples, and more resources if you want to find out more. I have been following their organization for a few years, since I started my PhD on technologies to support dementia care in 2009, and I recommend them as a resource if you want to learn more about bettering the lives and care of aging adults.

If you check it out, I would really like to hear your opinions and experiences! You can find the page here.

This is a short introduction to using information and communication technology (ICT) in activities for people with dementia. It is aimed at managers and staff in the care sector, and those who organise activities for people with dementia. It’s a plain language guide about using mainstream technologies – you don’t need to be technically minded. We hope it will be useful for you whether you are new to this topic or already have some experience of using ICTs in dementia support.