ReThink Respite

Dispelling respite myths for people with dementia and their carers

ReThink Respite is a new online resource aiming to support people with dementia and their carers and help them to better understand the benefits of respite services.

“There is plenty of evidence to show that respite can sustain carers to continue in their caring role and keep the person with dementia at home for longer, and yet the proportion of carers that use available respite and other support programs is low,” according to project leader, Dr Lyn Phillipson.

“The ReThink Respite resource will help people better understand respite services by dispelling myths and educating carers of the benefits of respite services. Ultimately, we want to increase uptake and inform and shape service delivery of respite in the community,” she adds.

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Meaningful activites with younger onset dementia

The importance of finding meaningful activities for someone with dementia

imageOne blog that has been brewing in the back of my blogosphere for a while is day care respite for people with younger onset dementia, a topic close to my heart.

Why day care or respite at all, when in fact, many of us could have been supported like any other disAbled person to stay at work?

Of course, when we are in the later stages of dementia, our care partner may need a break, and we might have to go into respite care to support them, or we may even need residential aged care permanently, but day care, a place where small children go while parents work?

Many people with younger onset dementia are diagnosed much earlier in the stage of the disease process. It is not the disease we fear the most. In fact, it is rarely a disease we consider as a possibility. When I attended a…

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