1950’s apartment – A museum especially for those with dementia

Museum Helps the Elderly (and those with dementia)

This article is from the Danish news source TV2.

The Old Town (an open-air museum in Aarhus, Denmark) has a reminiscence apartment that is fully booked on weekdays, but now those who are interested have the opportunity to see the apartment and get an insight into the work of remembrance communication (reminiscence).

22. apr 2015, kl. 12:32 | By: Katrine Rubeck – updated 25. april 12.20

AARHUS:  This weekend, The Old Town in Aarhus opens up the city’s rememberence apartment.

Photooto: Thorsten Overgaard, Den Gamle By

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Museum hjælper ældre

Museum Hjælper Ældre

Denne artikel stammer fra TV2.

Den Gamle Bys erindringslejlighed er fuldt booket i hverdagene, men nu får interesserede en mulighed for at se lejligheden og få et indblik i arbejdet med erindringsformidling.

22. apr 2015, kl. 12:32 | Af: Katrine Rubeck – opdateret 25. april 12.20

AARHUS:  I weekenden åbner Den Gamle By i Aarhus op for byens erindringslejlighed.

Foto: Thorsten Overgaard, Den Gamle By

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