Reminder program for people living with dementia

I wanted to bring your attention to an upcoming technology designed for people with dementia. Dan, one of the creators, has contacted me through this blog and told me about this project he is currently working on. I hope to meet up with him in Copenhagen in June to discuss it further. It’s a company that is in the starting stages (looking for support through their Kickstarter campaign), but at least you can get an idea of what passionate people are working on!

It’s a tablet that can inform them of the date, time, upcoming activities, or show pictures when language is no longer as useful to communicate.

One thing I REALLY like about this one over the others I have seen is that it is designed to work with Mac, Windows or whatever type of tablet/computer/smart phone that you already have. And another thing I really like, is that you can change the content depending on the level of understanding. So you can list the day, date and time and later change it to just the day of the week, or just pictures.

Here’s their website:

And their Kickstarter campaign, if you would like to go directly to see their video and support them: