Easier way to find digital services for the aged

Database of digital services for carers of the elderly launched

3 July, 2015 by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre
The new database publishes ICT-based services ensuring the dissemination of existing good practices and rasies awareness about them.

With an ageing population, the number of people in need of long-term care is increasing. As constant caring for someone is challenging, different services are developed to assist carers in fulfilling their activities. In this context, the JRC partnered with EUROCARERS to launch a new online database of digital services for carers of older people.

This new tool offers access to 78 good practices of digital services for older care at home, which the JRC gathered and that EUROCARERS, the European network representing informal carers and their organisations, helped make available to all.
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Six Lessons Learned From Being A Starbucks Barista

This article comes to us from Senior Housing Forum. My friend, Ali Shivji (who is interviewed in this article) passed this on to me. I first came in contact with Ali several months ago over our mutual work in long-term care. He told me about how he had secured a job at Starbucks in order to learn more about customer service and how their model could be applied to aged care. I don’t know of any other senior executives who would take the early morning shift for minimum wage in order to be better at their profession. Forward-thinking guy!

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