Review: Inspiration from comedy

I am taking a day of rest this Sunday. I have been going pretty steady 7 days a week with my latest project (writing a project proposal on healthy and active aging with Aalborg University) and a month of that, plus my own work, has me feeling a bit pooped today. Tomorrow, I start a new project with Copenhagen Living Lab, trying to bring music therapy into nursing homes here in the area.

And on my day off, I am catching up on laundry, dementia in the news, dishes (oh, the dishes…), yoga, and my favorite show, Parks and Recreation. I don’t know any other series that puts me in such a good mood as Parks and Rec.

And one person who I really admire is Leslie Knope. I think she’s a great role model for women.

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Keeping active!

We are having gorgeous weather today in Copenhagen. It’s getting to be that time of year when everyone wants to be outside in the sunshine and warm temperatures. In this post, I have compiled a few resources to give you inspiration to be active and engaged in your life and to HAVE FUN!

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