Dementia village coming to Denmark!

Odense to build Denmark’s first dementia village

Du kan også læse denne indlæg på dansk her.

04. June 2015
Odense bygger Danmarks første bydel til demente

OK-Fund contacted Odense Municipality about a year ago to create a one-of-a-kind dementia offer in Denmark. It happens now with the construction of an entire new district with dementia. The key for us was to find a municipality that is willing to take the lead and dare to think new , says OK Foundation director Michael Brostrøm who here signs the agreement with the Mayor Anker Boye ( S ) , Councilman per Berga (EL ) and urban and cultural councilor Jane Jegind (V).

Inspired by Holland included new dementia city precinct – OK Foundation builds and operates the “City of Life.” The ground has yet been found.

Odense: “City for Life” is the name of a whole new city precinct; a district which from 2018 will house between 200 and 300 people with dementia.

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Dementia Villages and new approaches to care

Dementia Village Pioneers a New Approach to Care 

I am really excited about this concept and would love to work there!!

“We want to help people enjoy life and feel that they are welcome here on this earth,” says Yvonne Van Amerongen.

Van Amerongen is a cofounder of Hogewey, a Dutch village created exclusively for people with dementia. Intended to honor residents’ values and culture, the village features 23 typically Dutch houses designed to feel natural to residents, whether they’re comfortable in settings that are urban, aristocratic, working class, religious, or something else.

The businesses in Hogewey’s town square are staffed by workers who are specially trained to understand and communicate with people who have dementia. Residents have the freedom to stroll through the square, choose activities that nurture their backgrounds and interests, and help prepare foods they like to eat. With its 2:1 caregiver-to-resident ratio, the Hogewey neighborhood is said to help residents eat better, require fewer medications, and feel more joy than residents who live in traditional nursing homes.

Welcome to ‘Dementia Village’

An innovative community in Amsterdam offers ailing seniors more freedom and a taste of the past. Is it a model for the future?

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