Good and Bad Foods for Your Brain

22 Best & Worst Foods for Your Brain

From tea to tuna, take a look at 22 of the best and worst foods to feed your brain.

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Healthy living, aging, and longevity

This post comes to us from the July, 2015 issue of Marin Magazine, based out of California.

Science of Aging

Marin County’s top minds weigh in on healthy living and longevity. Part 1 of 2

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Science on the anti-inflammatory diet

The information on inflammation: science on the anti-inflammatory diet

This is a re-post from the blog Is It Healthful? It’s a blog by a personal trainer with degrees in Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, check it out to get some good scientific summaries of trends in health and wellness.

Bitumen on a sweaty, sultry summer’s day.  Doesn’t get much hotter, right? Wrong!  Right now the anti-inflammatory diet is hotter than Hades. Heck, it’s hotter than Hansel, who as you know, is so hot right know.  As the anti-inflammatory diet’s popularity reaches fever pitch, we ask ourselves is this just another fad diet, or is it the answer to all the our problems?

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