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For A Disease Being The 6th Leading Cause Of Death, We Don’t Hear Enough About It

Check out this video on the latest Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures from the Alzheimer’s Association in the US.
The Alzheimer’s Association has stated that if Alzheimer’s was eliminated, 500,000 lives would be saved per year in the United States alone.  www.alz.org/facts
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Alzheimer’s disease death rate by state

A look at the most common causes of death by state

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Two months ago, I wrote about the fun and the pitfalls of viral maps, a feature that included 88 simple maps of my own creation. Since then I’ve written up a bunch of short items on some of those maps, walking through how they can both illustrate great information and hide important details. At one point, I said I was done with these. Well, I wasn’t. Here’s another, on death. Enjoy!

The data used to create the table below are from a 2008 CDC report that’s based on numbers from 2005. Ideally, we’d have more up-to-date information, but their page on mortality tables indicates that there’s nothing more recent on state-by-state causes of death.


Data source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Map by Ben Blatt/Slate.