Review! Alzheimer Syndrome – Part 2

Last week, I joined the Alzheimer’s Speaks Talk Radio for their show on Alzheimer Syndrome. Dr. Cameron Camp, the Director of Research for the Center for Applied Research in Dementia was joining to share his ideas on Alzheimer Syndrome and how it affects the culture of care.

When I came across the Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog post about their radio show with Dr. Camp on this very topic, I was excited to join in and hear more about it. I was hoping that he had further information on these barriers, doors, and stigma and a (good) explanation for why they would now want to change the name of Alzheimer’s.

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Review! Alzheimer Syndrome – Part 1

This new phrase, Alzheimer Syndrome, came across my radar earlier this week, I think through a LinkedIn post someone had made. I was directed to The Center for Applied Research in Dementia’s YouTube video on Alzheimer Syndrome. The Center’s website also has the video, “… our latest presentation, ‘Alzheimer Syndrome,’  which offers a thought-provoking way of looking at Alzheimer’s, and dementia in general.”

I was interested to see what it was all about, since dementia, by definition IS a syndrome. A syndrome is a group of symptoms. This means that dementia is a collection of symptoms, typically including progressive memory loss, loss of executive functioning, and other cognitive abilities.

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