Telehealth helps people with dementia and ‘lost’ words

The study indicates people dealing with aphasia, whether it be from Alzheimer’s, dementia, a stroke or some other neurological issue, can benefit from a telehealth platform that enables them to stay at home and connect with trained specialists, no matter where they’re located.

Video link with specialists helps dementia patients improve communication skills

Source: Study: Telehealth Helps Dementia Patients Recover ‘Lost’ Words


From innovation to implementation – eHealth in the WHO European Region (2016)

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Please have a read of the World Health Organization European eHealth report and share it with those who would be interested. In particular, you may find the case example on page 71 interesting, where big data for dementia research and treatment is discussed. Or the case example on page 36 about eHealth supporting aged care and carers.

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Source: From innovation to implementation – eHealth in the WHO European Region (2016)

Telehealth terms defined

Glossary of telehealth terms

I drafted this glossary as part of my internship with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe. There, I was working on the topics of eHealth and the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities (and trying to bridge the two). Much of this material, I first gathered when I was teaching a Master’s Engineering course on Telemedicine Techniques and Aspects for Aalborg University Department of Electronic Systems in 2010.

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