What can you do to prevent dementia?

This article from Best Alzheimer’s Products is similar to my other post on 10 things to lower your risk of developing dementia. It goes a bit more in depth and gives more options than my other post. I hope it gives you some new insights and some inspiration to be proactive about your health!

Can we prevent Alzheimer's disease

Can We Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Is Alzheimer’s a disease of choice?

Certainly none of us would consciously and deliberately choose Alzheimer’s disease, but by the same token, none of us would choose heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or a host of other diseases that are life threatening or otherwise impede our quality of life. And yet, many of us make those choices every day! It is not that any of us actively embrace the disease; indeed, many of us never truly consider the risks. But we often adopt a lifestyle that increases our chances of developing cancer or heart disease, certain respiratory diseases, and who knows what else? The question then becomes, can we prevent Alzheimer’s disease by changing some bad habits?

How Can We Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

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